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AHA Live on Zoom Certification Courses

Therapeutic Imagery Training – Advanced Imagery

Cheryl Oneil

This full day workshop moves you up to use FreeStyle Imagery with prickly client issues like, Resolving Conflict, and that old dog Resistance. You will find "Aspects of the Self" an enlightening imagery process that helps clients begin the path to creating new responses and behavior. You will also gain advanced use of the important imagery resource of the Inner Guide, and understand the value and use of the Inner Guide Quondam Imagery Journey.

Again, there are demonstrations and practice throughout the day to help you gain more control of developing your Facilitator skills. All of these imagery journeys in this workshop help clients to allow positive change take place more easily. The initial certification weekend is a prerequisite to take this workshop.

Advanced Imagery Course Content Includes

  • The Stealth Antagonist, Resistance
  • Point of View, Aspects of the Self
  • The Next Level of Inner Guide including...
    • The Quondam Journey
    • Inner Child with Inner Guide
  • Relationship Imagery
  • Best Self Imagery
  • Restoring the Heart - Imagery help for trauma and PTSD
  • Inner Phys and Inner Emo imagery journeys

Workshop Applications

  • Communicate with Resistance - Partners practice
  • Aspects of the Self - Partners practice
  • Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Group Experience

What Facilitators are saying about the Advanced Imagery Workshop...

  • Not only will my clients benefit from the imagery journeys introduced in the "Advanced" module, but I will as well! Cheryl effectively guides us to become comfortable facilitating these journeys for others, giving us tools we need to help every client.
    Sari Honig
  • It just gets better and better. I have such a powerful learning experience in these workshops with Cheryl. I learn on the cognitive level the techniques and possibilities to use as a facilitator, and I am so moved on a deep personal level as I open myself to the messages that come in for me.
    Angela Hite
  • This was such a wonderful experience. Very useful and powerful techniques. I can see using this with many of my clients. Absolutely Fantastic! Thanks.
    Susie Kappas

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