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Therapeutic Imagery Training – Metaphysical Imagery

Cheryl Oneil

Metaphysical Imagery is a full day workshop that takes a fascinating journey into the mystical world of metaphysics and shows how it influences working with clients. Is what we think about our client important? Find out what the Alchemists were really doing. Learn why our Therapeutic Imagery practice is thanks to those "outsiders".

You will strengthen your own power of intuition through intuition exercises and experiences. Connect to ancient wisdom through the "I AM" imagery journey. Learn how you can apply the power of Emerson's "Universal Mind Concept." Experience Inner Gold and Mystical Empowerment group journeys, find a Metaphysical Mentor, and more! Discover how metaphysics can enhance your life, and affect your client's happiness. This workshop is open to everyone.

Metaphysical Imagery Course Content Includes

  • Information on Kappasinian Metaphysics
  • Information on the Alchemists
  • Metaphysical Laws
  • Metaphysical Tools
  • The Mythic and Metaphysical Path for Creation
  • Metaphysical Mentor
  • Inner Blacksmith Imagery Journey
  • Inner Sculptor Imagery Journey
  • E&P Affirmations

Workshop Applications

  • Group Imagery - Forging with the Archetypes
  • Intuition Exercises - partners practice
  • Metaphysical Mentor - partners practice
  • Group Energy Exercises

After Metaphysical Imagery participants say...

  • I was able to accept and experience more than I thought I would be capable of in an intuitive manor, thus giving me the confidence in knowing and changing my personal beliefs in my abilities.
    James Tappan
  • It's hard to describe today's experience. Phenomenal comes to mind. I experienced a deep hypnotic journey when I met my Metaphysical Mentor. I feel stronger in my beliefs, my purpose and the tools I have been given both from the universe and from this experience. Thank you.
    Leah Funchest
  • Cheryl has a real talent for making metaphysical concepts accessible, practical and a fluent part of one's practice. Anyone who wishes to become facile with imagery can't afford to miss these classes.
    Katie Wagner

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