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AHA Live on Zoom Certification Courses

Therapeutic Imagery Training – Course Outline

Cheryl Oneil

This certification program provides a strong base in understanding and practicing a variety of imagery techniques. The weekend experience gives you all the basic tools to help clients with imagery.

It also includes a foundation of information with a glance into the use of imagery throughout the ages, using different kinds of imagery, a summery of the whole Therapeutic Imagery Program, and how imagery relates to the Mind/Body Connection and can be used for pain management.

You will learn when to use imagery for a variety of issues such as...

  • How to prepare clients for imagery.
  • How to use the language of the Facilitator for FreeStyle Imagery.
  • How to use Kappasinian E&P with imagery.
  • How to help clients use their own inner guidance system.
  • How to use the Imagery Caboodle Box to help clients navigate through difficult imagery experiences.
  • How to develop hypnotic suggestions from the imagery process.
  • And more!

There are plenty of experientials, demonstrations, and practice, so you will feel ready and confident to use imagery with clients!

Therapeutic Imagery Course Content Includes

  • What is Imagery?
  • The Connection of Imagery to the Ancients
  • Group Experientials
  • The Mind/Body Connection
  • Partnering up for Practice
  • Multiple Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Caboodle Box - Using Your Imagination
  • Notebook Full of Techniques, Scripts, and How To Information

Practical Applications

  • When to use Imagery
  • The Emo/Phys Suggestible Client
  • Relaxation methods in relationship to Kappasinian Hypnosis
  • PrePath/Imagery Path/AfterPath of the Imagery Process
  • Working with an Inner Guide
  • Understanding and conversing with an image - Image of Discovery
  • Affirmation techniques and Imagery
  • Developing Hypnotic Suggestions from the Imagery Process
  • Imagery Becomes Accomplishment - Goal Fulfillment Imagery

Group Experientials

  • Finding Your Personal Place
  • Finding Your Inner Guide
  • Technique Explored and Explained
  • Understanding and Experiencing a Transitional Imagery Process

Workshop Applications

  • Partner up for practice - finding an Inner Guide
  • Image of Discovery practiced in pairs
  • Combining an Imagery process with Kappasinian Hypnosis
  • Transitional Imagery practiced in pairs
  • Image becomes accomplishment practiced in pairs
  • Instruction and information applied

What do people say after the experience?

  • This weekend was amazing! I feel so open. Not only did I personally grow and become aware of things that were blocking me, I feel like my confidence to hypnotize my future clients grew 100%! I lost my fear of not knowing what kind of advice to give or what can I do to help. I feel I've got so much to give now.
    Hilary Bartos
  • What a wonderful experience of personal growth. I loved the material and the process. A perfect mixture of lecture, demonstration, and practice. Thanks, I loved the class!
    Michael Alcouloumre
  • The guidelines given in this course were very thorough, well-explained, and easy to follow, while still encouraging flexibility in the usage of the processes. Cheryl, as always, is fun, enthusiastic, encouraging, positive, and well-prepared. A highly valuable course for any and all therapists! Thanks so much Cheryl and George!
    Claire Jacks

Certification and Educational Credits

Upon successful completion graduates are awarded a handsome wall certificate from the American Hypnosis Association proclaiming your status as a Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator. Graduates also receive 16 hours of continuing education credits.

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