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Therapeutic Imagery Training – Imagery for Life Passages

Cheryl Oneil

During this day workshop, you will gain information to help clients with some of life's most difficult challenges. Explore how to deal with different kinds of illness (acute and chronic), increase your understanding of working with clients who are rankling with death/dying/grief issues, learn how to help them move into healing/transformation, and discover how imagery affects and includes the human spiritual journey.

When your client has lost or is losing their loved one, or your client is going through the stress of their final days, enormous questions of life, spirituality and healing are encountered. You will feel prepared to help. This meaningful, powerful workshop gives many imagery scripts, processes, and tools and is open to everyone.

Imagery for Life Passages Course Content Includes

  • Pathways of Change
  • Life Stories
  • Understanding Quietus
  • Understanding Grief
  • Intuition Exercises
  • Soul Viewing Imagery
  • Imaging Beyond Time and Space
  • Metaphorical Imagery Threads for Extreme Diseases
  • Kappasinian Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness and Resolution Imagery Journeys
  • Kappasinian #4 Formula for Cancer
  • Climb The Mountain Imagery
  • Tasmanian Devil Imagery - Heat of Anger Release for Physicals
  • Glove Imagery for pain relief
  • Spiritual Journey Imagery

Workshop Applications

  • Information and Discussion on death/dying/grief issues/extreme diseases
  • Information and Discussion on healing/transformation/spiritual journey
  • Intuition Exercises - partner up for practice
  • Glove Imagery - partner up for practice
  • Often a guest client comes to share their experience with the class

After Imagery for Life Passages participants say...

  • Thank you Cheryl, this workshop not only will assist me in my work/practice, I can feel how it put me in touch with my own connection with Life and Death.
    Inliss Kyte
  • I laughed. I cried. I was deeply moved by this workshop relating to my own personal path and I look forward to bringing what I've learned to my clients. Thank you.
    Nancy Scanlon
  • This is a complicated and multi-leveled subject, but this workshop makes a great start at helping others make sense of their personal passage from grief to understanding.
    Pat Dorman

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