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Neuro Linguistic Programming Terms and Definitions

NLP Glossary of Terms – A

Accessing Cues
External signs that give us information about what we do inside. The signs include breathing, gestures, posture, and eye patterns.
As-If Frame
This is “acting as if” something were true. Example: Pretending that you are competent at something that you are not, like tennis. The idea is that the pretense will increase your capability.
All aspects of communication which are not words such as voice, tone, temp, body posture, etc.
Analogue Marking
Analogue Marking Emphasizing a part of a sentence using non-verbal means such as a louder tone or a hand gesture.
The NLP Technique whereby a stimulus is linked to a response. An Anchor can be intentional or naturally occurring.
This deals with your relationship to an experience. In a memory, for example, you are associated when you are looking through your own eyes and experiencing the auditory and kinesthetic at the same time.
One of the 5 basic senses. It is how we hear.

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