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Neuro Linguistic Programming Terms and Definitions

NLP Glossary of Terms – D

Deep Structure
The unconscious basis for the surface structure of a statement. Much of the deep structure is out of awareness.
One of the three major processes (including distortion and generalization) on which the Meta Model is based. Deletion occurs when we leave out a portion of our experience.
Digital (As opposed to Analogue) Digital distinctions have distinct variations of meaning as in a Digital watch, or an “On/Off” switch.
It deals with your relationship to an experience. In a memory, for example, you are dissociated when you are not looking through your own eyes, and you see your body in the picture.
One of the three major processes (including deletion and generalization) on which the Meta Model is based. Distortion occurs when something is mistaken for that which it is not. In India there is a metaphor, which explains this: A man sees a piece of rope in the road and thinks it is a dangerous snake, so he warns the village, but there is no snake.
Downtime occurs whenever we go inside. It can occur when we go internal for a piece of information or when we get in touch with feelings. (See Up Time.)
In submodalities, drivers are the difference that makes the difference. Discovered through the process of Contrastive Analysis, Drivers are the critical submodalities, and when changed tend to carry the other submodalities with them.

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