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Neuro Linguistic Programming Terms and Definitions

NLP Glossary of Terms – M

Mapping Across
Following Contrastive Analysis, Mapping Across is the Submodality process of actually changing the set of Submodalities of a certain Internal Representation to change its meaning. E.G.: Mapping the Submodalities of Ice Cream (which the person likes) over to those of Yogurt (which the person does not like) should cause the person to dislike Ice Cream.
Deliberately imitating portions of another’s behavior for the purpose of increasing rapport. Example: If we both raise our right hand, then I am matching you.
Meaning Reframe
Sometimes called a “Content Reframe”. Giving another meaning to a statement by recovering more content, which changes the focus, You could ask yourself, “What else could this mean?” or “What is something you had not noticed in this context which will change the meaning of this?”
Mental and Emotional Release
A process that allows the client to release negative emotions, eliminate limiting decisions and to create a positive future along a time line using past, present and future.
Meta Model
Meta Model means, “Over” Model. A model of language, derived from Virginia Satir that allows us to recognize deletions, generalizations and distortions in our language, and gives us questions to clarify imprecise language.
Meta Programs
These are unconscious, content-free programs we run which filter our experiences. Toward and Away From, and Matching and Mismatching are examples of Meta Programs.
A story (analogy or figure of speech) told with a purpose, which allows us to bypass the conscious resistance of the client and to have the client make connections at a deeper level.
Milton Model
The Milton Model has the opposite intent of the Meta Model (Trance) and is derived from the language patterns of Milton Erickson. The Milton Model is a series of abstract language patterns that are ambiguous so one can match a person’s experience and assist her in accessing unconscious resources.
Matching portions of another person’s behavior, as in a mirror. Example: If you raise your right hand and I raise my left, then I am mirroring you.
This generally relates to contradictory behavior or words and is one of the Meta Programs.
Modal Operator of Necessity relates to words, which form the rules in our lives (should, must, have to, etc.). Modal Operator of Possibility relates to words that denote that which is considered possible (can, cannot, etc.).
In NLP, a Model is a description of a concept or a behavior, which includes the Strategies, Filter Patterns and Physiology so as to be able to be adopted easily.
Modeling is the process by which all of NLP was created. In Modeling we elicit the Strategies, Filter Patterns (Beliefs and Values) and Physiology that allow someone to produce a certain behavior. Then we codify these in a series of steps designed to make the behavior easy to reproduce.
Model of the World
This is a person’s values, beliefs and attitudes that relate to and create their own world.

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