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Biography for Anna Goslicka

Anna Goslicka

Anna Goslicka is a Certified Hypnotherapist who is especially adept at working with anxiety, pain management, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), student achievement, dream analysis, and painless birthing.

Known to be an extremely skillful and insightful hypnotherapist, Anna's warm and caring manner, accompanied by her soothing voice, gently and effectively guide you in releasing blocks and achieving goals.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Polish

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  • Anxiety
  • Child Birth
  • Dreams
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Pain Management


In 1998, Anna co-founded Lullaby Birthing Hypnosis with the intention of teaching mothers-to-be techniques to release fear, activate their body's natural endorphins, and promote painless, joyous, birthing experiences. Anna is also a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought Field Therapy, and she has done course work in Clinical Psychology, as well.

Anna has offices in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and also offers clients the option of phone sessions.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2747
    Date Started: 05/20/1999 - Date Graduated: 06/20/2000
    Total Hours: 720 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Rice University
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Rice University
  • Master of Fine Arts
    Stanford University

Continuing Education

Anna has taken continuing education in the following areas: Dream Analysis, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Natural Health Professional: Enzymes, Imagery Transformation, Therapeutic Transformation, BodyTalk System, Pranic Psychotherapy, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Feng Shui, Working with Seniors, Clinical Psychology


  • Fellowship Award
    Stanford University - 08/01/1985

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2000
  • American Psychological Association
    Member Since: 2009
  • American Counseling Association
    Member Since: 2000

Contact Information

Anna Goslicka
Achieve & Succeed Hypnotherapy
Santa Monica, California 90402, United States

Achieve & Succeed Hypnotherapy
Beverly Hills, California 90210, United States