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Biography for Jessica Russell

Jessica Russell

Jessica Dawn Russell, American born, received a majority of her education in England returning to America. She spent most of her life working in the areas of consultancy, coaching and company ownership involving business in America and oversees. She has worked long-term with more men so she relates to all genders and conflicts between both sides in personal and professional conflict.

Jessica has always had people trust and confide in her, she has always been a therapist. She seeks difference in each person and is interested in why one thinks and does and what needs to be achieved to be in a position to let go of the complexities in most individuals’ conflict. With the fact people trust and confide in her, through her clients at her 3 locations at "The Hypnotherapy Centers" or (HTC), or her team and corporate training in life, productivity and business coaching through her; “The NLP Association” clients bond and therefore achieve their goal to heal their conflict or learn effortlessly during their time with Jessica.

Jessica is also highly skilled in psychological understanding and modalities yet keeps it real with each client and does not base your conflict as a theory and you as a statistic during your sessions. Her training and hard work as a HMI Achievement Award recipient and Honors Graduate, and provided more hours working with clients then most graduates in clinic offices prior to graduation, is a strong attribute to her dedication and understanding with your passion to resolve your conflict.

Jessica is a Master in Imagery and NLP. Using hypnosis and skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) personally trained by Dr. Matt James. Jessica can offer her clients who struggle in life, career, aging, illness or pain or those who seek a higher level of communication and intuitive skills in professional motivation or guidance, Jessica can turn conflict to a new direction for you. Jessica’s life experience accommodates your ability and desire to not only excel in life by correcting negative habits, self-esteem and behaviors conflicts using hypnosis confirms the clients to learn more about themselves which will lead to a more successful outcome and a brighter future which is a huge part of your result.

Jessica’s clients at her “The Hypnotherapy Centers” are mainly adults. She has a division for kids and teens which is mainly high level, custom built programs which involves hypnotherapy, life skills building and conflict solving.

The Hypnotherapy Centers was created for the individual with needs to receive higher tier therapy for the conservative client. Many of the clients seek confidentiality and a direct, no drama approach based on honesty and a very interactive session on both sides not just a listener.

The client who has pride and needs compassion while assisting with resolution of stress, depression, trauma, emotional pain, low self esteem, disorders, addiction or in high learned skilled studies in medical and pain hypnosis to name a few. She is a creator of a cancer program to assist family and the cancer client to turn this difficult situation into a change that effects all life in the positive and educated.

Jessica also has trained therapists and other hypnotherapists as well as CEO’s, entertainment, sports and media clients, skills in mindfulness to keep professional momentum, endurance or manage both emotional or physical pain. In Jessica’s personal life she had experience living with cancer and brain trauma creating mental illness as well as another relative living with MI. Due to this, extended research and education has encouraged Jessica to work with cancer, illness, PTSD, ADD, trauma, addictions (after or with treatment), and change of thought.

Jessica places a strong focus on medical hypnosis and the well-being and happiness/motivation of the client which along with hypnotherapy increases body changes which can change patterns for the positive well-being of the client. The point of hypnotherapy unlike plain talk therapy, is to see short term results which can last and become maintained for the long-term for a overall healthier and happier life. It is about logic with 1000’s of years of study, research and proven positive results and your choice to understand with spirituality or without, the "Mind- body connection". How we think affects our actions, our lives and our health. Without understanding or utilizing hypnotherapy for some individuals talking may not be as effective without a place for those unsettled emotions to go other than bringing out the stress and anticipation of the moment back into our subconscious.

Due to Jessica’s professional life, she holds strong acumen in business and can accommodate professionals in corporate, legal, medical, entertainment, media and professional sports and management clients. Rapport will be stronger as strong knowledge is held by experience in relation to conflict solving through hypnotic mindfulness (talk-session and hypnosis).

Jessica has a passion to see her school age and teen clients excel in school, turn negative behavior around and overcome growing pains as today’s child tends to hold more anxiety as today’s normal environment for a child has a extremely high stress and complex lifestyle then previous generations on a daily level. Through Hypnotherapy 4 Kids, a division of Hypnotherapy Centers, each child is given the utmost attention and compassion to overcome their obstacle they face. We use different methods and modalities for each child and make it more emotionally comfortable so your child does not feel awkward or more stressed to be in session.

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  1. Addictions
  2. Anxiety
  3. Chronic Pain
  4. Communication
  5. Controlling
  6. Death or Loss
  7. Fertility
  8. Pain Management
  9. Performance Anxiety
  10. Relationship Enhancement
  11. Self Defeating Behaviors
  12. Self Esteem
  13. Sexual Problems
  14. Sports
  15. Stop Smoking
  16. Stress
  17. Tics
  18. Tinnitus
  19. Trauma


My philosophy on working with others is to offer my best. I use personal experience in business, coaching, and as a therapist who keeps it real to resolve your deep rooted or life changing conflicts in which took over and seem unresolvable. So I use my training and intellect in guiding you in what you need to feel complete and on your road to recovery and bring up your level in confidence and living life.

I have positioned myself to be of the finest and have authority. I have a very good reputation so when we have our first session, you will receive respect and compassion but you must be ready to change and perhaps fight your conflict away. You must work with me as I am not a miracle worker and hypnosis is not a fast fix or a fluke therapy so I don’t compare myself or work with cookie cutter therapy. Together we can conquer what has torn you down so let’s get started!

I have offices in Encino, Tarzana at the HMI Clinic, and in Beverly Hills, California.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2700
    Date Started: 07/25/2017 - Date Graduated: 07/25/2018
    Total Hours: 720 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1
  • Integrative NLP Practitioners Training Program
    Empowerment Partnership - Dr. Matt James - Personal Instruction
  • BA International Business
    The American College of Business - London, England
    Total Years: 3

Continuing Education

  • NLP Advanced Training
  • NLP Supplement Training - Various Topic and Affiliations
  • Ho’opono’pono - Formal Training with Dr. Matt James - 2018
  • National Association of Mental Illness - Family to Family Training Certificate - 2015
  • National Association of Mental Illness - Teachers Training Basics - 2018
  • Addiction and Mental Health - Dual Diagnosis Consultant Certification
  • Alcohol and Addictions (Psychology) - Certification
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy - Certification
  • CBT4Panic - Panic and Anxiety Attacks
  • C-BIT for TICS and Tourettes (American Tourettes Association of America)
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist - Individual Training (CCTS-I)
  • EFT/TFT Tapping Master Practitioner Certification
  • Professional Counseling for Grief and Bereavement Certification
  • Healthcare for LGBT Seniors
  • Sexology - Love and Sex
  • Intro to NeuroScience
  • Pain Relief Hypnosis for Acute and Chronic Pain-Certification
  • Mindfulness and Parenting Certification
  • Law of Attraction - Master Certification
  • Raymond Aaron - New York Times Best Selling Author - Personal Training and Coaching - Non-Fiction Book Publishing
  • Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing Franchise and The Secret) Training - Life Coaching Program
  • Alex Charfen CDPE - Industry and Entrepreneurship - 2012-2015

Various Functional and Integrative Health Courses (Gut, Brain, Autoimmune, Diets, Nutrition, illness and nutrition, Nutrition and Brain, Health and life, Detoxification, disorders, Dental and Medical based).

Numerous business certificates and training in financial investing, various real estate industry related, international business development, coaching, consulting development, publishing, media and entrepreneurism.

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Build and Enhance your Hypnotherapy Practice with Group Hypnosis - 02/2019
  2. Cancer: The Path of Diagnosis to Hypnosis - 07/2019
  3. Clearing up Traumas at the Energy Level - 07/2019
  4. Clinical Case History Package 1 - 06/2018
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis - 07/2019
  6. Doing Time - Rehabilitating the Incarcerated - 05/2018
  7. Embracing Your Shadow Self - 01/2018
  8. Emotional and Physical Sexuality 1 - 01/2019
  9. Healing Developmental Trauma and Adaptation with Hypnosis - 07/2019
  10. Healthy Boundaries - 07/2019
  11. Helping Hypnotherapy Clients with Driving Anxiety - 02/2019
  12. Hoarding: How It Can Harm, How You Can Help - 07/2019
  13. How Forgiveness Impacts Brain Functioning - 03/2018
  14. How to Release Self-Limiting Beliefs - 07/2019
  15. Hypnosis and Anxiety - 09/2017
  16. Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction - 12/2017
  17. Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer - 04/2019
  18. Hypnosis in History - 07/2017
  19. Hypnotherapy and Rehab: An Inside Look - 07/2019
  20. Imagery for Life Passages - 01/2019
  21. Important Dynamics in Creating Successful Relationships - 05/2018
  22. Intimate Conversations with Dr. John Kappas - 02/2018
  23. Is it Intuition, or is it NLP? - 09/2017
  24. Kappasinian Hypnosis - 06/2018
  25. Master the Arm Raising - 06/2018
  26. Metaphysical Imagery - 01/2019
  27. Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy - 05/2018
  28. Mythic and Archetypal Imagery - 10/2018
  29. Release Baggage with Mental and Emotional Release (MER) - 08/2018
  30. Research Articles Course - 03/2018
  31. Shadows, Sabotage and Subconscious Success - 07/2019
  32. Stage Hypnosis - 12/2019
  33. Taking Positive Psychology to Corporations - 03/2018
  34. The Art of Positive Thinking - 07/2019
  35. The Client Drought, A Shift in Perspective Can Shift Your Experience - 09/2017
  36. The Empty Leash - Hypnosis and the Loss of a Beloved Pet - 07/2019
  37. The Incredible Power of the Mind/Body Connection - 07/2019
  38. The Power of Colors - 01/2018
  39. Therapeutic Creative Journaling - 07/2019
  40. Working with Children and Children on the Autism Spectrum - 07/2019

Certifications from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Advanced Imagery - 01/2019
  2. Hypnosis and ADD-ADHD - 04/2019
  3. Hypnosis and Childbirth - 01/2020
  4. Hypnosis and Pain Management - 02/2018
  5. Hypnosis and PTSD - 07/2018
  6. Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation - 03/2018
  7. Hypnosis and Sports Performance - 01/2019
  8. Hypnosis and Tinnitus - 08/2018
  9. Hypnosis and Transgender Clients - 05/2020
  10. Hypnosis and Weight Loss - 01/2019
  11. Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis - 05/2020
  12. Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator - 01/2019
  13. Therapeutic Imagery Master - 01/2019
  14. Trauma Recovery Hypnosis - 01/2019


  • Honors Graduate
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 07/25/2018
  • Academic Achievement Award
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 07/25/2018

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2017

Languages Spoken

  • English

Contact Information

Jessica Russell
Sherman Oaks, California 91401, United States