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Biography for Jennifer Royce Cory, CHt

Jennifer Royce Cory is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Honors Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the first Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.

Jennifer’s mission is to empower people by helping them utilize their wealth of internal gifts in order to realize their dreams and potential, while encouraging them to enjoy the ride in the process. With her compassionate approach, she helps her clients feel safe, validated, and understood.

Through her own personal struggles, Jennifer found herself identifying with the “Wounded Healer” archetype, a term created by psychologist Carl Jung which states that an analyst is compelled to treat patients because the analyst himself is “wounded.” Realizing early on that all her suffering was not in vain and knowing that it was part of her path in this life, Jennifer recognized the gift and blessing in being able to completely empathize with and help others from her own personal experiences. By being able to relate on so many levels, she could pass valuable knowledge on to her clients that would provide support, guidance, and most of all, hope to overcome any roadblocks in their paths.

In 2013, after years of experiencing multiple symptoms of illness, Jennifer was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic medical condition involving widespread pain, sleep disorders, constant fatigue, and deep depression, just to name a few issues. Because there is no known cure, she decided to look deeper and pursue any information that could help her understand what she could do to manage these symptoms, if not alleviate them altogether. After much research, Jennifer found hypnotherapy to be a most successful tool in dealing with her illness.

The idea that everything begins and ends within gave Jennifer the hope and willingness she needed to learn how she could take her innate empathy and passion for healing to a whole new level. Learning the concept that many things we go through have deeper underlying causes proved to her that we have the ability to take charge of our own lives, and when given the proper techniques and education, we can face our inner demons and transform ourselves from victims into victors. For Jennifer, discovering hypnotherapy was like finding the key to unlocking the mystery of life itself.

With her newfound knowledge, Jennifer relocated from Northern California to Los Angeles in 2014 and enrolled in HMI to pursue her dream of healing herself and helping others along their journey as well. She feels it was the best decision she has ever made and feels complete alignment within herself and with her mission.

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  1. Addictions
  2. Anxiety
  3. Attitude Adjustment
  4. Chronic Pain
  5. Communication
  6. Dreams
  7. Insomnia
  8. Motivation
  9. Panic Attacks
  10. Perfectionism
  11. Procrastination
  12. Self Blame
  13. Self Confidence
  14. Self Criticism
  15. Self Esteem
  16. Self Hypnosis
  17. Stop Smoking
  18. Stress
  19. Substance Abuse
  20. Weight Loss


Jennifer's lifelong passion for helping people finally led her to pursue her dream of becoming a Hypnotherapist. She has helped many in all areas of their lives including anxiety and panic disorder, motivation, law of attraction, stress management, pain management, relationship strategies, weight loss, smoking cessation, forgiveness, grief, and most of all learning to use Self-Compassion in day to day life.

Jennifer has learned that many issues can stem from lack of Self-Compassion and Self-Appreciation. Jennifer believes that anyone can benefit from learning how to authentically care for oneself, and can speak from her own personal experience. Her practice is solution based with compassion, empathy and support. Teaching her clients that it is completely possible to change negative programming and turning limited beliefs into unlimited possibilities!


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2700
    Date Started: 09/11/2014 - Date Graduated: 09/11/2015
    Total Hours: 720 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. EFT and Guided Imagery - 10/2014
  2. Following to Lead: The Bridge Between Therapy and Coaching - 10/2014
  3. Hypnosis and the Power of Forgiveness - 10/2014
  4. Hypnosis in History - 09/2014
  5. Hypnotherapy for Clients with Alzheimer's Disease - 10/2014
  6. Intimate Conversations with Dr. John Kappas - 02/2016
  7. The Affect Bridge Technique - 10/2014
  8. The Incredible Power of the Mind/Body Connection - 02/2017


  • Certified Hypnotherapist
    American Hypnosis Association - 818-758-2700
    Certification Number: 012570
    Certification Valid To: Jun 28, 2025

Certifications from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - 07/2018
  2. Healing the Inner Child - 06/2016
  3. Hypnosis and Weight Loss - 10/2016


  • Honors Graduate - Clinical Hypnotherapy Program
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 09/23/2015

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2015

Languages Spoken

  • English

Contact Information

Jennifer Royce Cory
Dream Weaver Hypnotherapy
Mill Valley, California 94941, United States