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Biography for Panney J. Wei

Panney J. Wei

Be the Star of Your Life™! Being the star of your life means declaring who you are, discovering what's your purpose on this planet, and taking charge of your life. There's only one person on the planet just like you, and you owe it to yourself to discover who you are and what makes you happy and make your dreams come true! I am here to empower you to overcome blocks, give you tools to turn every challenge into a victory, and manifest the life you've always dreamed.
Panney Wei, CHt

Panney Wei is an award-winning writer, TV-Radio host, life coach, hypnotherapist, spiritual transformation teacher, and motivational speaker on leadership, achieving one’s potential, and using the power of your mind to achieve your goals, inspiring people with the wisdom and inspiration to create positive change and live the life of their dreams. She is a recipient of the NAAMBA-ASCEND “Global Emerging Leaders Under 40 Award”, named one of the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business”, a Rising Star nominee for the 2015 LA Journal’s Women Making a Difference Awards, a nominee for the 2015 SFVBJ's Women In Business Awards, an Honoree for Excellence in Arts & Literature for the 2010 Asian Heritage Awards, and named “100 Passionate People of 2010” by She is the on-air host of the show and podcast “Positive Changes with Panney Wei” ranked TOP 100 Best Podcasts on iTunes in Spirituality and Self-Help and, broadcast to over a million listeners.

Granddaughter to former Taiwan Senator Albert Liu and Great Great Grand-niece of one of China’s greatest military heroes, General Tso Tsung-Tang, immortalized in pop culture for the famous dish “General Tso’s chicken”, Panney follows in their footsteps as an activist in her community serving as State Secretary for the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the California Democratic Party, a member of the PBS SoCal Asian Pacific Islander Community Council responsible for programming diverse and unique stories in Southern California, and as a National Senior Advisor for several non-profits that focus on leadership, diversity, and personal and professional development in the Asian Pacific community including the National Asian Artist Project, The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), NAAAP Toronto, LA, OC, and San Diego.

Panney is also the founder and Founding National Director of the international women’s leadership program, Women in NAAAP (WIN!), featured in Forbes Woman, dedicated to empower and develop female leaders in the Asian Pacific Islander community. She is the CEO of Positive Changes Consulting™, her motivational speaker-hypnotherapy-coaching practice that provides personal and professional development workshops that empower corporations, non-profits, and individuals to achieve their potential, create positive change in their lives, and achieve their dreams!

She is certified in several healing modalities including neuro-linguistic programming, therapeutic imagery, past-life regression, as well as being a Reiki Master. With her background in alternative medicine gained from surviving a near death experience with the life-threatening illness, bulimia, Panney has first rate knowledge about the power of the mind-body connection, living life with purpose and passion, overcoming obstacles, and using your mind to help you achieve whatever goal you want to achieve in life! Her world travels, studies, including her Chinese-American heritage offer a unique blend and perspective on personal transformation, healing, and achieving one’s dreams.

Panney has appeared on countless radio shows nationwide and has worked with OWN, Discovery, NBC, Lifetime, CBS among others, and featured or authored in such publications as Pho for Life, Angel on My Shoulder: Divine Life Wisdom from the World’s Foremost Angel Experts, Enchant, Audrey, Jade, China Gate, China Daily News, LA Times, Woman International, and Hydrogen, and was the former Feature Editor for ASIAM. In the early part of her professional life, she worked in finance and as the Director of Business Development and Special Events for the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, The Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts, and The Producers Guild of America before starting her own consulting business. Panney is working on her first book on attracting the love of your life, and is featured in the upcoming documentary, Quantum Wisdom, featuring experts sharing wisdom and tools to heal and transform your life, answering life's biggest questions. She is married to Endgame Entertainment Executive Vice President, Christopher Chen (who recently produced Looper starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt and Linsanity, a documentary on NBA player, Jeremy Lin), and has a daughter, the other love of her life.

In her private practice, she specializes in attracting the love of your life, healing from the past, sports hypnosis, personal and professional development especially for women, minorities, and children and teens from age 6 and up. For private sessions, by phone, Skype, or in-person, and for more info on Panney's upcoming workshops, keynotes, guest and TV appearances, go to

Hypnotherapy Specialties

  1. Anxiety
  2. Assist Healing
  3. Body Image
  4. Career Success
  5. Change Habits
  6. Child Birth
  7. Communication
  8. Creativity
  9. Exam Anxiety
  10. Fears
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Reach Goals
  13. Relationship Enhancement
  14. Self Confidence
  15. Self Esteem
  16. Self Image
  17. Sports
  18. Stop Smoking
  19. Stress
  20. Trauma


Graduating at the top of her class at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 2007, and with over 20 years experience in mind-body medicine and the metaphysical sciences, she began teaching classes at the American Hypnosis Association and now maintains a thriving practice empowering individuals with top secrets to success and using the power of their minds to create and attract love into their lives, heal from trauma, overcome obstacles, reaching goals, and creating the life of their dreams.

Panney specializes in using hypnosis to execute your passion and purpose, attract love and maintain relationships, fears/phobias, habit control, stress management, overcoming trauma, confidence/self-esteem, sports performance, test anxiety, grief/loss, reaching goals, past-life regression, and hypnosis for first-time moms. She especially enjoys working with women and believes that hypnotherapy can unleash the inner champion and using the power of your mind, access your inner wisdom and strength to make your dreams come true.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy - 818-758-2700
    Date Started: 07/25/2006 - Date Graduated: 07/31/2007
    Total Hours: 720 - Total Weeks: 52 - Total Years: 1
  • Doctor of Naturopathy
    Clayton College of Natural Health
    Date Started: 06/26/2006 - Date Graduated: 06/26/2008
    Total Hours: 1440

Continuing Education from the American Hypnosis Association

  1. A Primer on Transpersonal Psychology - 06/2022
  2. Body Syndromes - 06/2022
  3. Cheryl O'Neil/Anthony - Grief - 07/2022
  4. Cheryl O'Neil/April - Confidence for Auditions - 07/2022
  5. Cheryl O'Neil/Justine - Stop Smoking - 08/2022
  6. Cheryl O'Neil/Linda - Weight Loss, Mend Broken Heart - 07/2022
  7. Cheryl O'Neil/Patrick - Motivation for Writing Novel - 07/2022
  8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis - 06/2022
  9. Explode Your Practice with Phone and Skype Sessions - 06/2022
  10. Hypnosis for Past Life Regression Therapy - 06/2022
  11. Intuitive and Energy Healing - 06/2022
  12. John Melton/Logan - Emotions - 08/2022
  13. Lisa Machenberg/Aaron - Starting a Business - 07/2022
  14. Lisa Machenberg/Anniko - Stress Management - 06/2022
  15. Lisa Machenberg/Carissa - School Anxiety, Relationship - 06/2022
  16. Lisa Machenberg/Carol - Attracting the Right Relationship - 06/2022
  17. Lisa Machenberg/Diane - Driving Anxiety - 06/2022
  18. Lisa Machenberg/Harrison - Family Trauma - 06/2022
  19. Lisa Machenberg/Jay - Creativity and Focus - 06/2022
  20. Lisa Machenberg/Joey - Sports Performance - 07/2022
  21. Lisa Machenberg/Katie - Attracting the Right Relationship - 06/2022
  22. Lisa Machenberg/Lauree - Stop Smoking - 06/2022
  23. Lisa Machenberg/Mary - Weight Loss and Eating Habits - 06/2022
  24. Lisa Machenberg/Melanie - Depression and Overeating - 06/2022
  25. Lisa Machenberg/Nicci - Motivation After Divorce - 06/2022
  26. Lisa Machenberg/Robert - Hyper Vigilance and Anxiety - 06/2022
  27. Lisa Machenberg/Wendy - Smoking Cessation - 06/2022
  28. Lisa Machenberg/Yuki - Cheek Biting Habit - 07/2022
  29. Marc Gravelle/Eva - Improve Focus, Insomnia - 07/2022
  30. Marc Gravelle/Karen - Rebellious with Authority - 07/2022
  31. Marc Gravelle/Kenny - Self Confidence - 07/2022
  32. Marc Gravelle/Laura - Stop Smoking and Driving Anxiety - 07/2022
  33. Marc Gravelle/Rachel - Relationship Strategies, Fear of Dogs - 07/2022
  34. Michele Guzy/Barbara - Animal Communication - 06/2022
  35. Michele Guzy/Diego - Procrastination - 07/2022
  36. Michele Guzy/Jessica - Motivation for Writing - 07/2022
  37. Michele Guzy/John - Self-Confidence and Meeting New People - 07/2022


  • Honors Graduate
    Hypnosis Motivation Institute - 07/31/2007
  • Women Making a Difference Awards
    Los Angeles Business Journal - 05/04/2015
  • Women in Business Award
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal - 04/15/2015
  • Top 40 Under 40 Global Emerging Leaders
    National Association of Asian MBA - 03/17/2012
  • Top 100 Passionate People
    Taiwanese - 12/30/2012
  • Asian American Entertainer to Look For
    APEX - 02/14/2004
  • Nominee in Arts & Literature
    Asian Heritage Awards - 05/01/2010

Professional Memberships

  • American Hypnosis Association
    Member Since: 2006
  • American Counseling Association
    Member Since: 2006
  • Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment
    Member Since: 2004
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals
    Member Since: 1996
  • Visual Communications
    Member Since: 1996
  • Asian Professional Exchange
    Member Since: 1996


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

Contact Information

Panney J. Wei
Panney Wei,CHt
Beverly Hills, California 90210, United States